George Webb, Sr.    

 This is what I have on the Revolutionary
War service of George WEBB (b. 1723 PA – d. 1812 TN), the son of John WEBB &
Mary BOONE (dau of George III). It is also said that five of his sons served
as well. I have some information on David, Jonathan, George & Benjamin WEBBs
service, all were sons of the above George WEBB and grandsons of Mary BOONE

For George WEBB, Sr (b. 1723) THE KING’S MOUNTAIN MEN; by Katherine K White;
pub 1924 VA – repr 1996 MD; pg. 232

“WEBB. George was a man of affairs on Watauga [TN]. In 1778 he sold 540
acres and then bought 640, proving each transaction by the oath of David
WEBB. He was on the grand jury in the examination of the Tory Dykes. WEBB
was the first settler in Greasy Cove, a company of Indians following him to
his cabin and threatening to kill him if he remained there. He gathered up
some more settlers and was not molested. George or David, probably the
former, was the Captain WEBB of Shelby’s regiment.”

THE WEBB FAMILY NEWS; edited & published by Donald E WEBB of Dayton, OH; FALL –
WINTER 1969-70; pg 7 – 9

“George WEBB had five sons, who were: David, John, Jonathan, Benjamin and
George Jr. All five served in the Revolutionary War, three becoming
captains. Capt. John and Capt. Jonathan were in the famed Flying Camp
Regiment of Berks county, serving under Col. HOLLER. According to Peter
KAUPs pension declaration who said that he served under Captains John and
Jonathan WEBB, they “marched to Amboy, from thence to New York, to Long
Island, to King’s Bridge, White Plains, and was at the battle of Long Island
and White Plains.” David was also a captain while serving in Berks county.
Benjamin was also in service in Berks county and George Jr. entered the
service after moving to Tennessee.” “In 1777 George WEBB migrated to East
Tennessee with all his sons. Daniel BOONE, a first cousin of George WEBB,
had spent some time in the Watauga Valley a few years before, and perhaps
this was the cause of George’s migration to that particular area. George
spent some time on the Watauga buying and selling land before he finally
settled near Bluff City (called Shoat’s Ford in pioneer times) on the South
Holston river in what is now Sullivan county.”


REV. WAR PENSION APPLICATION: for Benjamin WEBB of NC & PA b. in Berks Co,
PA; application # S3487 (at FHL, Salt Lake City, UT – film # 972514) mentions
brother Capt David WEBB & George WEBB. Benjamin WEBB was 79 yrs old in 1834.

“State of Tennessee, Sullivan county: On this 24th day of Jan 1834
personally appear before me William ROCKHOLD a justice of the peace for said
county Benj WEBB aged 79 years or there abouts resident of the state and
county aforesaid who being sworn according to law doth on his oath make the
following statement and declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the
provision made by the act of congress paper June 7th 1832. That he was
drafted from Berks County Pennsylvania in the year 1771 in the fall of the
year and did serve for three months tour under Capt David WEBB in Col WEBBs
Regiment and marched through Philadelphia to Morristown for the State of
Jersy to Gen. WASHINGTONs head quarters and did serve said three months and
he thinks was verbally discharged by his Brother Capt. D. WEBB.” Questions
asked by William ROCKHOLD “at house of Benj WEBBs he being a cripple a unable
to leave home and attend court…” “……served under his brother Capt
Jonothon WEBB, Col CRISTIES Regiment” “…. b. in Berks county Pensylvania
in the year 1755″ “the record of my age is in the possession of my Brother
George…” “.. …I lived in Berks county Pensylvania when first call into
service the balance of the service rendered I lived in Sullivan county where
lived there ever since the revolution.”


REV WAR PENSION APPLICATION: for George WEBB of NC; #W6445 (at FHL, Salt Lake
City, UT – film # 972514) Names wife, Elizabeth SPURGEON & marr date George
WEBB was 76 yrs old in 1834 – birth yr would be 1758.

In pension papers for George WEBB: asked when & where he was born “in Berks
county Pennsylvania in 1758″. In wifes statement for widows pension “the
date of his death was the 11th of February 1836″ asked where were you living
when called into service and where have you lived since the revolution, “I
lived in Sullivan county when call into service ______ the spot of ground
where I now live and have lived at the same place ever since the
revolutionary War.” (source 2)

CONFLICTS: In pension application (many pages) the date of marr is listed as
16th, 18th & 19th OCT 1796. Elizabeths maiden name is given many times as
SPURGEON or SPURGIN but it also list her as PERKINS on one marriage bond
affidavit? I believe her name was SPURGEON. – GFM

Hope the above might be of interest to others. My husband is a descendant of
Capt. David WEBB (son of George, son of Mary BOONE WEBB). Happy 4th of July!