When and where are the WAGS meetings held?
The Association meets the first Tuesday evening of each month at 7:00 p.m. on Zoom.  An-person meeting is held in June.  No meetings are held in January and February;  and a social in December. VISITORS are welcome to attend all meetings. For more information, look at our Program page.

How do I join the group? Membership is open to persons with genealogical or historical interests. Dues are $18.00 per year. Send your check or money order to Watauga Association of Genealogists,  P.O. Box 95, Johnson City, TN  37605-0095.  A new member receives two digital issues of the Bulletin for the year they join. All members are entitled to one free query on the web site.    For more information about our group, please contact us at:  wagsnetn1971@gmail.com

How do I start researching my family tree? Talk to your parents,  find out where they were born, where they grew up, (town, county, state), their parents’ names, if you are unsure. Find out their birth dates, the birth & death dates of their mother and father and your parent’s marriage date and location of marriage (see if they have a copy of their marriage license) Ask them about where their parents and  grandparents are buried (locations, cemeteries name, county, state) Ask if there are other relatives who have previously done any genealogy research. Find out who are  their oldest living relatives (then make plans to visit them and record your conversation with them). Visit online sites such as Cyndi’s List,  NARA, Rootsweb,  & Family Search for more ideas and links.

Where do I receive one on one help?

Time is set aside during each regular meeting for questions and sharing.

How do I submit an article to the WAGS Bulletin?
  • We accept articles related to genealogy and history from both members and non­members, subject to space limitations and minor editing. We prefer articles limited to 6 pages or less.
  • Please submit a word document, saved in any word software format that can be opened by MS Word (doc, docx, txt, pgs). Fonts used in the original will be converted to our fonts and styles, and paragraph indents will be standardized. Do not put in line breaks, except for starting new paragraphs. Also include a PDF of your article.
  • A limited number of pictures will be considered. Please identify the subject and the photographer for proper credit. Please send photos as separate files. If they are also embedded in the document it is not necessary to remove them, but please also send the separate files. Please name the photos with clear identifications, and provide captions if you wish.
  • Provide a title or headline, and the writer’s name and address should appear below the title. If documents are not cited in the article, a list of sources would be appreciated. Our publications are copyrighted, but the ownership remains with the submitter, so permission to use can be obtained from either, and the submitter is not limited to his/her use of it.

You may email your articles to the editor: Margaret Hougland, mhougland@gmail.com.  We like to have articles from a number of people to give variety to our publications. Thank you for considering submitting yours.